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What are Programming Languages ​​And Their Types and Classification According To Use

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  • Information about programming languages ​​and everything related to them can be found in this article on the site on News Eye Site where we will refer to the different definitions of programming science, different programming languages ​​and the scientific basis for their classification, there are different types of programming.
  • Some classify it by level or by use, and the programming language is the language of the machine used when dealing with electronic devices, for the purpose of sending commands and translating ideas.
  • Programmers are always looking for all things programming languages ​​to keep up with the technological developments in various fields, and this language depends on blades and codes.

What is programming

  • Programming is the method of dealing with the computer and various devices as it is considered as the mediator between human and the device, and through this, signals and commands are sent and various operations are completed.
  • This handles data handling to implement commands and signals, and the programmer is the one who chooses the programming language that meets his needs and helps him complete tasks with accuracy, speed, and skill.
  • Each language has features that distinguish it from other languages, and after studying all the languages, the programmer chooses the language most suitable for dealing with a computer.
  • The more the computer develops, the programming languages ​​develop with it. The old computer of the 1940s and 1950s is very different from the computer of today.
  • Programming is based on the use of machine language or what is called the second language, which is the language in which programming codes are written.
  • Over time, the language of the machine evolved and was divided according to different classifications. As time passed, the computer became smaller and the programming language developed. The research and production of new and distinctive ideas still continues until now, and every day we find something new in this world.

programming languages

  • Programming languages ​​or programming language is called the process by which programming is performed, and these languages ​​contain different elements, terms and methods, which work to perform commands, operations and tasks through them.
  • There are different languages, which vary according to the diversity of the computer and according to the nature of each programmer and its practical needs, and this type of language is just like other languages, so it has its own words and vocabulary and terms that distinguish it, and it also has well-studied and precise ways in which the commands and tasks addressed to it are carried out.

Different areas of programming languages ​​by level

  • There are two levels of translation languages, low level and high level. There are programming languages ​​that are easy for people to recognize, understand and handle, and there are other languages ​​that are difficult to understand.
  • The more one understands the programming language, the lower the level, and the assembly language also determines the level of the programming language, which is a less complex method, as it is much simpler than machine language.
  • This was clearly reflected in the way of writing and using the computer. In machine language, the method of writing and programming depends on the number one and zero, and the computer translates these codes. As for assembly language, sentences are used instead of numbers.
  • High level languages ​​are much simpler and simpler than low level languages ​​and the reason behind this is that they are easy to write and easy to read and anyone can read and work with them.
  • At this level, many intermediate operations such as functions are used, values ​​and equations are stored, and the computer collects all commands and then executes them logically and in sequence.
  • Low-level languages ​​differ slightly from high-level languages ​​in that it is much easier to control programs and systems, and they are relied upon to process data, being fast and efficient.
  • It is widely used in the preparation and customization of operating systems and the preparation of various applications and programs.

Types of programming languages

C language

It is considered one of the first and oldest languages ​​created and used in various fields.

C Plus Plus C++ language

It is the advanced version of the first version and developed due to the great change that took place in the computer world, and is widely used in video game programming and modification of this programming.

Java language

It is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​and programmers use it in many different equations and transactions such as programming games, applications and programs.

C# language

It is an advanced version of the programming languages ​​he used to use, such as C and C++, and this development in programming languages ​​was due to the great development in operating systems and computer industry.

Perl language

This language is used to develop, improve and modify web pages and is one of the most used programming languages ​​in financial transactions with the competent authorities.

JavaScript language

It is the language used by programmers in the animation industry and cartoon graphics.

Python language

It is mainly used in programs and applications applied to the mobile phone, and it works to provide a better model for electronic texts.

Ruby language

It is one of the programming languages ​​that is easy to handle, read, learn and write and widely used in dynamic texts.

SQL language

It is the basic language used in processing, developing and modifying databases.

Classification of programming languages ​​by use

The purpose behind the use of programming differs, and there are many different applications in different fields, and the more data develops, the more the programs used will develop, and the appropriate programming language is chosen accordingly, and one of the most well-known fields in what programming is used:

  • Developing programs and applications using web browsers, C language, C Sharp language and C Plus language.
  • The field of artificial intelligence, and this field is considered one of the latest and most important fields in which users need to use programming, and they have to research for a long time to find the right language to meet their needs, and artificial intelligence is the first place responsible for the production of video games, which includes AIML language, C language, Prolog language, and Python language.
  • Databases are created, modified, and manipulated using the Sequel language, My Sequel language, DeBase language, and other advanced languages.
  • When creating and modifying video games, the C language, C Sharp language, C Plus language, Java language, and Dark Basic language must be used.
  • To create, develop and customize websites, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and Python must be used.
  • To organize definition programs on the computer, you need to use the assembly language and the C language.
  • Automatic writing of texts is done by using modern programming languages ​​such as Bash, Bach, Perl and Python.

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