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The most prominent programs that use artificial intelligence

The most prominent programs that use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to create many applications and engines that can help customers communicate more effectively, and there are many programs that are used, such as chatbots and artificial intelligence educational programs, as we see Siri and Cortana are one of the most prominent programs are those that represent artificial intelligence. intelligence.

  • There are many artificial intelligence programs that have been greatly improved and Microsoft has gone through many developments.
  • Many experts believe that artificial intelligence will be of great importance and various benefits in different fields such as banking and healthcare.
  • We also see that the artificial intelligence market exists in multiple sectors and at scale and is growing rapidly as we see it reflected in the activities in society and business.

Google Assistant app

The Google Assistant application was released in 2016, as it became one of the most prominent programs that developed greatly from the supported voice, and it became one of the most virtual assistants, and companies increased with Google Assistant until it became present in various devices such as smartphones, headsets and some refrigerators.

  • This application supports the function of inputting the required voice or text, and it is also used to process some words, as it provides many services such as voice search and some voice commands, and this application also helps to operate significantly the device or search for information on the Internet.
  • Many articles have reported that Google has greatly expanded its reach as it now works with about 10,000 devices from 1,000 brands.
  • Also, iPhone devices have become part of partnerships with Google and many other brands, and many brands have expanded cooperation between them, significantly increasing user activity.
  • To install the Google assistant program on computers, some operating systems, such as Windows, must be available as they are not available on the devices.

Cortana app

Cortana, the artificial intelligence virtual assistant, is available in Windows 10 and Windows Mobile, and is also widely available in most popular headsets such as the hyperXcloudX.

  • Some Windows 10 computers contain the Cortana application and it helps the user with many simple tasks.
  • This application also keeps a lot of notes, handles a lot of tasks, helps manage the agenda and answers questions automatically.
  • Several reports in 2018 also stated that Cortana is available on about 400 million devices, and this falls significantly under the application’s user base.
  • Also, this application prepares tasks with the passage of time in a more complex way than before.

Siri app

This application is one of the most widespread applications of artificial intelligence and Siri application has been launched on iPhone phones as it supports maps and many other things through voice commands.

  • Siri is also considered one of Apple’s smart applications, and the company has added this application to the iPhone 4S.
  • The application helps in many things such as making reservations in various restaurants and buying tickets in many movie theaters.
  • The Siri program translates some sentences from English into several other languages, such as how do I go to the nearest Spanish-speaking restaurant, so Siri answers the question in Spanish.
  • Siri can also handle some things with the device settings.
  • Siri creates a schedule to remind you of all the person’s appointments and events.
  • At the beginning of the Siri application’s release, it was limited to female voices only, but in 2013 Apple announced that the Siri application would include a gender option and add a male voice as well.
  • Apple also developed how to handle the Siri application, as it made sure to address the application via (Hey Siri) to ease the support process without actually using the device.
  • Siri helps pay for some obligations (such as paying $25 for movie tickets).
  • Siri is also equipped with some entertainment responses, for example, to the question (what is the meaning of life), then Siri answers (all evidence so far points to it being chocolate), and some other questions.

Google Brain app

Google Brain is considered as one of the most important applications and programs that are used in an easier way, as it is one of the applications that help in the learning process, and it is characterized by a highly developed artificial intelligence that stands out from other applications.

  • The application can be used through the Gmail email.
  • Google Brain greatly helps in developing the culture of the person using that application. Google Brain has a lot of information on which its credibility relies heavily.
  • Making people more aware of all the information extracted from Google Brain, because of the validity of the information in it.
  • You can now download the application from this link to make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for.

Edge case

This application is one of the electronic design tools and helps to greatly increase the learning speed, and this application is one of the great experience.

  • This application also provides assistance through a personalized experience for many customers, helping them with predictive analytics.
  • That helps many in finding important results for them and analyzing behavior in general.
  • This application is supposed to serve the community at large.

DataBot app

This application generally helps to answer all questions with his voice as this application contains a lot of presentations, images and information.

  • The application allows you to search through Google, some channels and also Wikipedia to give you all the information that is of interest to you.
  • The voice and language can also be adjusted in the application so that the application understands the language you speak.
  • This application also helps to share information via social media and SMS.

File app

This application helps to manage expenses as it is one of the best applications that saves your family’s expenses significantly and this helps you know the flow of money through this application.

  • You can place the financial charts you want to organize by creating your own calendar on the app.
  • The application also has a dedicated section for credit cards and can handle more than 90 different currencies around the world.
  • Because the application can record daily expenses, expenses and income and create a schedule to remind you of due dates, and the application helps to create a plan to create an organized budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years to study artificial intelligence?

To complete a bachelor’s degree in this major can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years, due to the number of hours logged for study.

What is a graduate in the field of artificial intelligence called?

A graduate of artificial intelligence all over the world is called an engineer, and this was confirmed by Mostafa Kamel, and he falls within the scope of the Engineers Syndicate.

The most prominent programs that use artificial intelligence

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