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It is an open source and free operating system

It is an open source and free operating system

Unix is ​​an open source and free operating system, so that Unix represents a group of operating systems in computer, and today it has become one of the main families used to operate many different computers, and this type of system has begun to be written by employees of the company known as AT&T, and the first and basic version of that system was released in 1969 AD.

After that, this system became one of the operating systems used by many people, and this system has become essential in many companies, and many operating systems have been released that simulate an emulation of the Unix system in their work, and one of the the most well-known of these systems is the GNU system/Linux, and has been relied upon more than the Unix system in recent times.

The main features of the Unix operating system

There are many different features within the operating system known as Unix, which has made it the most widely used operating system in the world, and these benefits can be narrowed down to the following points.

mobile operating system

The unix operating system can be used on many personal computers, even MACs, and these devices were called portable because they have the advantage of being able to be carried and used by all users on many platforms.

Perform complex tasks

The unix operating system is one of the few operating systems that allows you to perform many complex tasks in a simple and easy way, using minimal resources within the device.

Minimal memory usage

The designers of the Unix operating system worked on a different design of the system so that it could perform the difficult tasks, but using the materials available in the device, without a significant defect, while the minimum available physical memory of the device was used.

Simple design

The Unix operating system focuses on simplicity and relies primarily on components that run continuously.

Transparency and scalability

The Unix operating system in many cases relies on providing the complete and readable source code, or allowing the system to switch as needed through various programs available to users, and in many cases these are Unix programs and components of the operating system also digital booklets with different methods of dealing with the system.

The Unix operating system also has many other advantages, including the following.

  • Unix distributes free software.
  • The Unix operating system allows the direct interaction of the operating system with the devices connected to it.
  • The Unix operating system makes it possible to run on cheap hardware.
  • The Unix operating system is easy to install and transfer from one machine to another.
  • The Unix operating system has the convenience of the programming language in which the program interacts.

Disadvantages of the Unix operating system

Despite all the advantages we have mentioned of the Unix operating system, sometimes the operating system has many advantages and disadvantages, which can be summarized in the following simple points.

encrypted commands

The commands of the Unix operating system contain coded names, so these commands do not provide enough assistance to the user in performing many different activities on the Unix system, so that most of the commands used in the Unix operating system have specific characters, which makes it extremely difficult for regular users to interact with the system.

It depends on the command line

The unix operating system is mainly designed for programmers, who seriously know the commands, which means that the matter is considered very difficult for novice users, and a graphical user interface has recently been launched with the symbol GUI, but despite this, the interface is easy to use. but the user still encounters many difficulties in dealing with the traditional interface, which only appears in the form of command lines.

using the Unix operating system

The Unix operating system provides a stable and secure system that can be used to run various and sophisticated web applications, which has made the Internet what it is today in terms of development, and because of the way that system works, it is one of the most prominent use on the internet and its applications, and perhaps one of the most famous applications it uses the web servers of the Unix operating system and DNS servers, with DHCP automatic host configuration protocol.

  • Despite all the advantages of the Unix operating system, the number of users has decreased significantly in recent times, as it requires a lot of experience and professionalism so that the user can easily handle it, which limits its use by users with little programming knowledge.

common questions

What is the most popular UNIX supported system?

The GNU/Linux operating system is the most widely used operating system in the world and has overshadowed the Unix operating system.

It is an open source and free operating system

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