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How to enable dark mode in Brave browser

How to enable dark mode in Brave browser

An email browser has become popular with many users by now, and if you always prefer dark mode in all applications, you can do so in Brave browser, but How to enable dark mode in Brave browserTo do this, you just need to follow the following procedures.

  1. We open the browser on your device.
  2. In the top bar we see a search box.
  3. We write a sentence brave://flags in the search bar, then press Enter.
  4. The browser takes us to a new page, after which we type dark in the internal search box.
  5. We are looking for the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents tool.
  6. We then press the button for that sentence.
  7. A list of options will appear from which we can choose the Enable button.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click the Relaunch option and the browser will restart.
  9. Immediately afterwards the browser turns black, then we can now go to the desired website and we will see that the background of that site has turned black.

Browser Brave

Brave browser works on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Android operating systems, making it easy to use on all operating systems, be it computers or mobile phones, that work with modern smartphone systems.

Browser history

  • Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla and creator of JavaScript, launched the first version of the Brave browser on January 20 of the year two thousand and sixteen, the first features of which include ad blocking, and the company announced a privacy-respecting ad feature to , including a revenue sharing program.
  • Brave released a beta version of its “pay-to-browse” browser in June 2018. This version was previously loaded with about two hundred and fifty advertisements and the browser sent a record of the user’s browsing activity over a short period of time; To process and study that data by the developers in the company.
  • Brave later became compatible with the Tor network in June 2018 in private browsing mode for a desktop browser.
  • The Brave browser switched from the “Mion” framework it was working on to a more secure framework called “Chromium”, and that was in December of the year two thousand eighteen, and the company “Brave Software” was able to develop the final model of the browser based on from “Mion”. Instructs users to update, which occurs at the end of the life of the application on that system.
  • Brave began testing a new algorithm to block ads, and that was in June of the year two thousand and nineteen, and that new algorithm would be about sixty-nine times faster than the previous algorithm.
  • The stable form of the Brave browser, version 1.0, was released on November thirteenth of the year two thousand and nineteen, supporting all different operating systems. At that time, the number of users of the program reached about 8.7 million users on a monthly basis and about 3 million users daily.
  • The browser administration announced that the number of browser users reached twenty million per month and that was in November of the year two thousand and twenty.

Benefits of Brave Browser

Since its release up to two years later, Brave browser has won the admiration of nearly four million users, due to several advantages that this browser has, and we will show you some of them below.

  • Brave Browser is efficient and fast in providing data to its users.
  • The Brave browser deals with privacy and security in a special way. Experts have classified it as one of the top-notch applications in terms of privacy and security, outperforming Google Chrome and Firefox, which are very popular browsers, in this function.
  • What sets Brave browser apart the most is its ad blocking feature, making your use of the site a silent experience, far from ads that can distract your attention or drag you to sites you don’t want to visit.
  • The management of Brave has launched its own function, which is to provide the opportunity to advertise on it, and the users have the full right to see the ads or not, and if you agree to view the ads, you can use the select time that suits you to see them, in addition you earn some browser currencies called bat you can. You can send them to the sites you like to reward them, or you can convert them into money you can withdraw.

Plugins provided by Brave

  • Due to its reliance on the Chromium architecture, Brave has some Chrome extensions, and while not all of these add-ons work on Brave, most of them work just as well on Brave as they do on Chrome.
  • The Brave browser allows you to use the Hangouts feature to monitor your online account’s messages and conversations without having to download the Hangouts application on the device.
  • Brave Browser offers an add-on for downloading files through the Interplanetary File System, which allows downloading large files in a simple and easy way.
  • The Brave browser allows you to block all links, sites and publishing shortcuts of social networking sites across different sites, which is useful for the user in case they do not want to deal with these sites or want to reduce interaction on social networking sites.

Benefits of the Brave browser on smartphones

The management of the Brave browser provided the version for smartphones, and the company has enhanced that version with many different features, and we’ll show you some of them below.

  • The Brave browser allows the use of the Video in Background feature, which allows clips and videos from websites to play in the background while you browse other sites.
  • With the Brave browser, you can convert any website into a PDF file.
  • The browser allows changes to the PDF copies to be made directly in the browser.
  • You can access the top search results by using the “Read” feature in Brave.
  • Brave browser gives its users the ability to work on different websites, using the website interface prepared for computers. Some people want to handle different websites from their mobile phones while on the computer, without displaying the display page on phones to give.

Browser performance

The browser provides its users with high speed while browsing as it is the fastest internet browser in the world, it has proven to be superior to chrome and firefox on all devices, hence it does not consume a large portion of ram, on the contrary , it uses much less random memory than other browsers.

Types of protection provided by the Brave browser

Brave browser offers many security features, which we will present to you as follows, explaining their security impact.

  1. Shield function: The shields feature provides a range of options that can be blocked or allowed while browsing, in addition to controlling the ‘basic security settings’ that allow the user to block trackers and enforce HTTPS, which is a secure protocol for the browser.
  2. HTTPS everywhere: This feature forces websites to use this secure protocol, and if this feature is not present on a site, the user is alerted by an SMS informing you that the site is not secure.
  3. Ad Blocker: Allows the site to block advertisements from the sites visited by users.
  4. Use a password: This feature is used to protect passwords for user accounts on the phone in case a user loses their phone.
  5. Safe surfing: Brave browser offers the use of the Safe Browsing feature used in the Chrome browser, which scans the links you visit to detect malware.

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