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Computer Etiquette and Ethics

Here are the etiquette and ethics of using the computer, the world is now experiencing a continuous revolution of technical and technological advancements in various fields, where the technological inventions gave man an easy and fast life and provided him with everything that could help him ways to find knowledge and comfort, but these modern technologies and inventions can be. It is a great danger and a negative source of many problems if not used and regulated properly.

The spread of this knowledge revolution is one of the most important factors that show us the extent to which we adhere to and are committed to morals and ethical behaviors that we grew up with throughout our lives. For the validity of our conduct and conduct in our daily lives, there are also many ethical and human values ​​to follow when using a computer.

These ethical rules are a set of different foundations and values ​​that regulate the use of the computer in its different applications in different fields, defining the human rights and duties to be observed, especially in the young age groups that are still the subject of education and moral Evaluation.

Today, on the Mawsoo’a website, we present to you an article on etiquette and ethics that a person must adhere to when using a computer.

Computer etiquette and ethics

Using a computer is an enjoyable journey that allows you to wander the world at the touch of a button and travel through it without leaving your home, and to make the most of this journey there are many ethics and ethics rules developed by specialists and specially designed to protect you first and those around you from all methods of spying and violating the privacy of information and technical property.

Among the most important of these etiquette and ethics for using the computer:

  • Ensure that the computer is a means of obtaining useful human information and knowledge without using it for purposes that could harm others in any way.
  • Respect the privacy of other computer users It is never allowed to deliberately take any action to destroy their private files or change their passwords to prevent them from gaining access.
  • Do not use programs that allow you to violate the privacy of other people’s computers, view their privacy, or steal their informational content.
  • Show goodwill in your use of the computer and do not intend to harass others in any way.
  • Do not use an automatic calculator to forge certificates or official papers.
  • Avoid obtaining computer software through illegal means, using it unlawfully, or intentionally stealing it without the owner’s permission.
  • Absolutely avoid stealing intellectual content from others, be it a program or a book, and attributing it to you without right, and you should know that stealing intellectual property rights is a crime punishable by law.
  • Not using computers to defraud others in order to steal their money.

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